Alana’s Bio

Early Years

Alana Moore was born on June 16, 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her parents belong to the working-class community. Her father is a retired construction worker. Alana’s mother is a biology teacher in the local school.

After graduating from school, Alana did not take a regular year-long break and was enrolled in the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. However, studying was barely affordable for her family, so Alana searched for part-time employment to cover the expenses. As Alana says, she has always been down-to-earth and seized every opportunity life offered her at that time.

She was engaged in the service industry and worked as a waitress. As she recons, contributing enough time to studying while working night shifts was incredibly challenging for her. Alana switched several jobs until she eventually applied for the waitress position in the cafe with a suitable schedule, which allowed her to combine studies and work.

She successfully finished education, although tutors often discriminated against her for her origin, similarly to other African-American students. After graduation, Alana, however, could not succeed in her manager’s career because of prejudicial treatment. At that time, she started questioning her ability to tolerate the glass ceiling.

First Serious Job

In the early 2000s, Alana worked as a tour guide. The job was tiring, sometimes even exhausting, because the groups did not settle in one place. The trips were seasonal as well, which influenced her earnings significantly. At the same time, this job helped Alana gain useful acquaintances. Later on, she applied for the same position in another company. The work environment was quite similar, but it allowed her to organize travels to South America. During one of such trips, Alana met a kind, handsome white guy of Guatemalan origin. He promised to get her a far better job in his company. She then became a customer support manager in his IT department. Their relationship was perfect: this couple was on the same wave. But it did not last for too long.

Once they started living together, everything has changed. An understanding and supportive boyfriend started treating Alana with less love and more harshness, rude jokes, and disrespect. She was fired and thus dependent on her partner. The relationship eventually turned into an abusive, nearly slavery-like coexistence for Alana. Fortunately, she managed to escape the toxic ties, although she lost her shirt. Alana became one of the women who desperately run away from an abusive partner in a foreign country. Luckily, she had three friends who helped her gather enough money to return to the US.

Porn Star Career

How it All Began

At home, she realized that she was an unemployed African-American woman unable to launch a successful career because of the prejudice against her race. At the same time, she did not give up and continued searching for better options.

While looking through different jobs on the internet, Alana discovered the opportunity to make a substantial income by working a couple of hours a day as a webcam model. This option sounded very alluring to her since earnings in the webcam industry were far superior to the average salary in her state.

Alana started testing different webcam platforms and became quite successful in the niche. The ebony category was rising in popularity − the fans adored her thanks to her seductive shapes, milk-chocolate skin, and natural attractiveness.

She started creating profiles on niche platforms such as to become more recognizable and get more opportunities in the adult industry. She then received an offer to take part in adult film production. This offer became the starting point of her porn actress career.

Adult Films

Alana made her debut in Sexy Phat, which was released in 2006 by West Coast Productions. She worked with plenty of companies, with the most scenes shot by West Coast Productions and Alibi Entertainment. Overall, Alana Moore starred in 28 adult films and cooperated with such studios as Darkside Entertainment, Elegant Angel, Baby Doll, Evasive Angels, Black Ice, Hustler Video, Black Market Entertainment, X Level, and Heatwave.

Return to Webcam Modelling Studios

Alana returned to web modeling since it brought a more stable income compared to porn studio contracts. In 2007, Moore had to prolong the cooperation with Alibi Entertainment, but it never happened because of the disagreement in the production team. Web modeling eventually became her primary occupation and brought her more success due to popularity and recognition in the industry.

Alongside webcam streaming, she occasionally worked with such porn studios as Heatwave, Black Market Entertainment, and others in the late 2000s. At some point, Alana planned to establish a webcam site but decided to continue cooperation with adult film production companies. Today, she still works in an American studio.

Family Life

Many porn actresses find their love on the shooting stage. Alana, however, firmly believed that work should not be merged with private life. She was single for quite a time because only a few men would consider uniting with a porn star. Alana realized she needed to find a person with a similar mindset, so she addressed niche dating platforms to find her soulmate. Alana Moore has succeeded in family life and now she’s raising a child together with her husband.

Alana Moore’s Contributions

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She has a lot of experience in the online dating field and enjoys helping people find their love interests no matter the limitations.

The tour guide experience allowed her to get familiar with Latin American culture from the inside and befriend with plenty of marvelous locals. Having vast experience in online dating, Alana also assists our team in creating dating service reviews. Thus, she is committed to helping people find their love regardless of any boundaries.